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What's new in SpotLog v5?

SpotLog v5 is a whole new build of SpotLog and is a complete new app - it shares no code with the previous builds and runs the same on both iOS and Android platforms.

For experienced users of the previous apps, you should find your way around fairly easily, but a few things have changed, and there are some new features that you need to know about.


  • The look and feel of the app is customisable: you can change colours or the layout of the keypad or some list formats. 
    There will be an editor for this coming soon.  See Themes
  • The app is the same on iOS and Android: this makes it easier for me to support the app and keep the data up to date.
  • The app now supports dark mode on both iOS and Android devices.


The Notepad works much the same as previous apps.

  • You can choose to have the keypad at the top or the bottom of the screen: use the toggle on the Settings
  • The "Now" tickbox has been replaced with a selector for "Realtime" / "Deferred" / "Undated" entry mode. See Undated Records
    for more info.
  • Record and playback controls are in different places, but work the same way as before. See also Recording


The Book
section has had quite a lot of work, and we've tried hard to make the book easy to use and attractive to browse.

  • At the top of the book, you will find a search box, which lets you search the book for a number.
  • Also at the top of the book, you can now toggle a book set on or off to match in that set.

Book Set view

  • The set view in the book is the same as before, but uses a larger layout

Book Class view

  • Class view is now a single scroll for the whole page: header and class members list scroll as one
  • The class view photo is now much larger
  • All info, including description and data for the class is shown on one page
  • You can swipe left or right to browse through the set from class to class.
  • "Mark Mode" in the book class allows you to mark a loco as seen directly in the book. See Undated Records
    for more info.

Book Loco View

  • Shows the details for an individual loco
  • You can mark a loco as seen at this level as well.  See Undated Records
    for more info.


  • The Log
      now shows the count of records for each day.
  • The Log can be synced (if you have the sync service) using a button on the Log page
  • A dropdown on the log page allows you to jump to year in the log.
  • Note the log initially only loads a few hundred records - as you scroll more records are added to the log.


  • Sets
    shows available sets and the download status
  • Tap the icon on each line to start download
  • Note - you can enable automatic update on the Settings



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