East Lancashire Railway

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   BR Diesel 01 D2956 11506 A
UKP   BR Diesel 03 D2062 03062 P
UKP   BR Diesel 07 07013 D2997 S
UKP   BR Diesel 08 08164 D3232,13232 PRUDENCE A
UKP   BR Diesel 08 13594 08479, ,D3594 A
UKP   BR Diesel 08 08944 D4174 P
UKP   BR Diesel 09 09024 D4112 A
UKP   BR Diesel 14 D9502 Kerys R
UKP   BR Diesel 14 D9531 ERNEST East Lancs Diesel Group A
UKP   BR Diesel 15 D8233 ADB968001 Class 15 Preservation Society R
UKP   BR Diesel 24 24054 89254,968008,D5054 Phil Southern P
UKP   BR Diesel 25 D7629 25279 P
UKP   BR Diesel 28 D5705 TDB968006,S15705 R
UKP   BR Diesel 33 33109 D6525 Captain Bill Smith RNR P
UKP   BR Diesel 33 33117 D6536 P
UKP   BR Diesel 33 33046 D6564 Merlin Stored as source of spares S
UKP   BR Diesel 35 D7076 89376 P
UKP   BR Diesel 37 37109 D6809 P
UKP   BR Diesel 40 D335 40135, ,97406 P
UKP   BR Diesel 40 40106 D306,89406 Atlantic Conveyor P
UKP   BR Diesel 40 40145 D345 P
UKP   BR Diesel 42 D832 89432 Onslaught P
UKP   BR Diesel 45 45108 89420,D120 on long term loan from Midland Railway - Butterley P
UKP   BR Diesel 45 45135 D99 3RD CARABINIER P
UKP   BR Diesel 47 47765 47631,47059,D1643 Ressaldar** P
UKP   BR Diesel 50 50015 89415,D415 Valiant Bury Valiant Group P
UKP   BR Diesel 52 D1041 89441 WESTERN PRINCE Undergoing Overhaul P
UKP   BR Diesel 56 56006 Ferrybridge 'C' Power Station** P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 104 50455 53455 DMBS A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 104 50517 53517 DMCL A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 104 50437 53437 DMBS S
UKP   BR Multiple Units 104 50494 53494 DMCL S
UKP   BR Multiple Units 104 59137 TCL S
UKP   BR Multiple Units 104 59228 TBSL S
UKP   BR Multiple Units 105 51485 DMBS P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 105 56121 DTCL P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 110 59701 TSL A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 110 51813 DMBC A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 110 51842 DMCL A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 121 W56289 56289, 54289,L289 DTS O
UKP   BR Multiple Units 122 W55001 55001, DB975023,L101 DMBS A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 144 144010 Being stripped and given to Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service S
UKP   BR Multiple Units 144 144009 Originally for Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service but 144010 given instead P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 411 70549 P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 504 504451 R
UKP   BR Steam 4MT (Tank) 80097 The Bury Steam Locomotive Company Limited O
UKP   GWR 2884 3855 S
UKP   GWR 7200 7229 5264 rebuilt from 5264 S
UKP   LMS 2MT (2-6-0) 46428 Bury Standard 4 Group R
UKP   LMS 5MT (Crab) 13065 98565,42765,2765 O
UKP   LMS 5MT (Crab) 42859 13159,2859 boiler cut up S
UKP   LMS Black 5 44871 98571,4871 Sovereign Riley and Son E Ltd A
UKP   LMS Black 5 45212 5212 A
UKP   LMS Black 5 45337 5337 26B Railway Co Ltd O
UKP   LMS Black 5 45407 98507,5407 The Lancashire Fusilier A
UKP   LMS Jinty 47298 7138,7298 O
UKP   LMS Jinty 16407 47324, ,7324 O
UKP   LMS LYR 23 51456 11456, 752,51456 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Trust A
UKP   SR BB/WC 34092 98792 City of Wells A
UKP   SR MN 35027 Port Line O
UKP   WD WD 0-6-0 75050 68005,35,27,5050,76050,7086 Norman A
UKPCS   GWR Collett RTO 150266 W150266,9560,KDW150266 RS & TE Inspection Saloon O
UKPCS   LMS BG 31217 M31217M,M31217 S
UKPCS   LMS BG (D2171) 31387 M31387,M31387M,XDB977034,977034 S
UKPCS   LMS BGZ (2000) 32978 M32978M,M32978 A
UKPCS   LMS LYR BTK 604 12160,M6533M,M6533,6533,TDB975154,975154 S
UKPCS   MKI BFK 17019 14019 P
UKPCS   MKI BG 81123 92033,92933 Heywood Halt Buffet Coach S
UKPCS   MKI BG 80731 95210,M80731 S
UKPCS   MKI BG 80788 024743,24743,M80788 S
UKPCS   MKI BG 81341 95229,M81341 Education + Buffet Coach at Castlecroft S
UKPCS   MKI BG 80933 S80933,95233,M80933,95223 BAGGAGE CAR A
UKPCS   MKI BSK 34786 E34786,ADB975489,975489 Used as tool van S
UKPCS   MKI BSK 35070 M35070 A
UKPCS   MKI BSK 35314 M35314 A
UKPCS   MKI BSK 35452 M35452 A
UKPCS   MKI BSK 35455 M35455 Converted for PRM and Wheelchair access A
UKPCS   MKI BSK 35478 MODA99152,M35478,MoD99152,99152 Previously used as nuclear flask escort van. Used as storage for Class 15 Society. S
UKPCS   MKI BSK 34589 975492,ADB975492 Inverness Re-railing S
UKPCS   MKI BSO 9356 W9356 A
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94442 024720 P
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94705 024721 P
UKPCS   MKI CK 15928 E15928,7928 S
UKPCS   MKI FO 3114 S3114 A
UKPCS   MKI FO 3127 3117,S3117,S3127 P
UKPCS   MKI FO 3124 S3124,Sc3124 A
UKPCS   MKI FO 3144 M3114 A
UKPCS   MKI GUV 93283 86283 P
UKPCS   MKI GUV 93500 DB977442,86500 P
UKPCS   MKI GUV 93654 061173,86654 P
UKPCS   MKI GUV 93702 042015,86702 P
UKPCS   MKI GUV 93869 86869 P
UKPCS   MKI GUV 93918 86918 P
UKPCS   MKI RBR M1665 GWAEDDAN ROSIE,1665,E1665,W1665 Rosie H
UKPCS   MKI RMB 1871 E1871 Howson Bar A
UKPCS   MKI RMB 1829 M1829,DB977098,977098 Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon) A
UKPCS   MKI RMB 1875 Lady Margaret Used as Cafe/Shop at Rawtenstall S
UKPCS   MKI RMB 1833 M1833,SC1833 A
UKPCS   MKI RMB 1837 SC1837,M1837 A
UKPCS   MKI RMB 1848 SC1848,M1848 A
UKPCS   MKI SK 25385 M25385,18385 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4232 E4232,M4232 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4873 M4973 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4647 E4647 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4880 M4880 O
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4992 E4992 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4885 M4885 Used as Santa's coach for storing/picking presents A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4996 99001 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4895 M4895 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4917 M4917 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4928 M4928 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4933 M4933 Carries plaque denoting that it was in use on the 50 Guinea Special P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4937 M4937 Carries plaque denoting that it was in use on the 50 Guinea Special P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4199 SC4199 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4350 NE4350,E4350 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 3771 M3771 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4866 M4866 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 5031 W5031 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 5040 M5040 A
UKPCS   MKII BFK 2a 14088 35517,M14088,17088 2a A
UKPCS   MKII BFK 2a 17077 P
UKPCS   MKII BFK 2a 14063 17063,35513,W14063 2a S
UKPCS   MKII BFK 2c 14128 35508,M14128,17128 RIVIERA Mk 2c A
UKPCS   MKIII SLEP 10573 non runner S
UKIN   Steam Hawthorn 2800 Met 0-4-0ST S
UKIN   Steam Hudswell Clarke 680 32 32 Gothenburg 0-6-0T P
UKIN   Steam Sentinel 7232 7164 Ann 0-4-0 VBGT P
UKIN   Internal Combustion Andrew Barclay 400 28 Bardon P
UKIN   Internal Combustion FC Hibberd and Co Ltd 3438 Benzole 4wDM
UKIN   Internal Combustion Hudswell Clarke D1076 4002 Arundel Castle, Manchester Ship Canal 4002 0-6-0DE
UKIN   Internal Combustion Motor Rail Ltd 9009 4wDM
UKMISC   Imported Diesel Railcar Imported Diesel Electric Railcar 99 8099 Sir Myles Humphreys Irish Class 80 Broad gauge DEMU S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Cowans Sheldon 85 ADRC96707,C85,141,ADB141 75t 8w Diesel Hydraulic Breakdown Crane (ex steam) P
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Cravens C12683 MP8,C.C57/3478,RS 1013/50,ADRV 95205 36/50t 8w Steam Driven Breakdown Crane S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Other Rail Cranes KDRH 96503 KDB924203 HAP Light Duty Diesel Hydraulic Crane P
UKMISC   Road/Railer Multicar 000406 L253 HKK 4wDM P

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