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    UKIN: Internal Combustion: English Electric

    Diesel Shunter

    English Electric built Locomotives

    The English Electric Company Limited (EE) was a British industrial manufacturer formed after the armistice of World War I by amalgamating five businesses which, during the war, had been making munitions, armaments and aeroplanes. It initially specialised in industrial electric motors and transformers, railway locomotives and traction equipment, diesel motors and steam turbines. Its activities were later expanded to include consumer electronics, nuclear reactors, guided missiles, military aircraft and mainframe computers. In 1968 English Electric's operations were merged with GEC's, the combined business employing more than 250,000 people.

    Between 1951 and 1959, English Electric supplied the National Coal Board with five 51-ton, 400 hp electric shunting locomotives for use on the former Harton Coal Company System at South Shields (which had been electrified by Siemens in 1908) to supplement the existing fleet of ten ageing Siemens and AEG locomotives. English Electric took over Vulcan Foundry and Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns, both with substantial railway engineering pedigrees.

    Length Varies
    Width Varies
    Height Varies

    Photo: Dan Cardwell

    Number Altnumber Name Status Note Livery Depot Pool Location Base Owner
    D0226 D226   2345   A English Electric Vulcan GRN PR Keighley & Worth Valley Railway PRE UKP/Misc. Shunters
    D1049 1   BSC1 P 0-6-0DH PR Mid Norfolk Railway PRE
    D1120 63.000.305   David J Cook English Electric 0-6-0DH GRN PR Midsomer Norton Somerset & Dorset Railway PRE UKP/Misc. Shunters
    D1122 HO16   01551   LANCELOT WAB AK MBDL Siemens - Ardwick WAB UK/01/5 UKIN/Vulcan Foundry{1}
    D1123 Muriel O 438A 0-4-0DH PR Nene Valley Railway PRE
    D1124 1   0-4-0DH Ford, Dagenham
    D1137 Gillian 0-6-0DH EMR, Attercliffe
    D1139 0-6-0DH PR PRE
    D1193 J&B Spirit O' Fife P 0-6-0DH PR Keith & Dufftown Railway PRE
    D1194 Little Blue 0-6-0DH C F Booth's, Rotherham
    1195 ED16   2164   Departmental Locomotive 16 S ex WD 0-4-0DM PR Derwent Valley Light Railway PRE UKIN/Drewry{IC}
    D1197 Richborough Castle S 0-6-0DH PR Andrew Briddon, Darley Dale Peak Rail PRE
    D1198 077   77   53   L122   53 MR 77 0-6-0DH Puma Energy, Milford Haven UKIN/Yorkshire Engine Company{1}
    D1199 L127   Bill 0-6-0DH BH HNRC HNRC Barrow Hill HNR UKIN/Yorkshire Engine Company{1}
    D1200 L149   Ben 0-6-0DH BH HNRC HNRC Barrow Hill HNR UKIN/Yorkshire Engine Company{1}
    D1201 Jana S 0-6-0DH PR Cambrian Railway Trust, Llynclys PRE
    1205 X 0-4-0DH
    D1226 9386   Patrick D Duggan 0-6-0DH Tarmac, Buxton UKIN/Hunslet{2}
    D1227 S 0-6-0DH Ridham Sea Terminal
    D1228 10 0-6-0DH BH HNRC HNRC Barrow Hill HNR
    D1230 Kimberley P 0-6-0DH PR Cambrian Railway Trust, Llynclys PRE
    D1231 RRM 22   0-6-0DH HNRC EMR, Kingsbury HNR
    D1232 3   X 0-6-0DH Grangemouth
    D1233 52   X7202   Kemira 2 0-6-0DH PR HNRC Nemesis Rail, Burton-on-Trent HNR
    D1248 3946   304   S 0-6-0DH Tata Steel, Newport
    D1249 9387   3947   Graham Lee Jnr 0-6-0DH Tarmac, Buxton UKIN/Hunslet{2}
    1901 John Brunner   Davy P 0-6-0 PR Battlefield Line PRE
    2160 D350   663   A 0-6-0DE PR Ribble Steam Railway PRE
    D312 H 043   16   625 690   2122   625   690   0-6-0DE PR West Coast Railway Co. Carnforth PRE UKIN/Vulcan Foundry{1}
    D340 H 050   653   2150   A 0-6-0DE Eastern Rail Services, Yarmouth UKIN/Vulcan Foundry{1}
    3870 S 0-6-0DH PR RSS Wishaw PRE
    D3989 Z‑Z‑44   0-6-0DH PR Baglan Energy Park PRE
    3994 L180   11   S 0-6-0DH PR Andrew Briddon Locomotives, Darley Dale Peak Rail RMS UKIN/Yorkshire Engine Company{1}
    3998 33   0-6-0DH PR HNRC Nemesis Rail, Burton-on-Trent HNR
    4003 267   ZZ267   Z.Z. 267   Zippy A 0-6-0DH ED Murray
    5352 0-6-0DH PR HNRC Nemesis Rail, Burton-on-Trent HNR
    7050 224   70224   846   240   2047   847   P 0-4-0 DM YM National Railway Museum NRM UKP/Misc. Diesel Shunters
    7120 601   AD601 P 0-6-0DE PR Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway PRE
    8199 No.3   3   Drax, Aberthaw** P Industrial loco built to similar design to BR class 04 GRN PR Aln Valley Railway PRE UK70/04 UKP/Misc. Shunters UKIN/Drewry{IC}
    D908 S 4wDH PR Prestongrange Mining Museum PRE