Great Central Railway

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   BR Diesel 07 07005 D2989 Langbaurgh (nc) S
UKP   BR Diesel 08 08907 D4137 Molly's Day** P
UKP   BR Diesel 08 13101 D3101 P
UKP   BR Diesel 10 D4067 10119,1802/B4,1802 MARGARET ETHEL - THOMAS ALFRED NAYLOR P
UKP   BR Diesel 20 D8098 20098 Type 1 Loco Company O
UKP   BR Diesel 25 D5185 25035 Castel Dinas Bran** WDN: 15/03/1987 P
UKP   BR Diesel 27 D5401 27056, 27112,D5401,5401 R
UKP   BR Diesel 31 31108 D5526 Converted from class 30: 25/05/1968. P
UKP   BR Diesel 33 D6535 33116 Hertfordshire Rail Tours** P
UKP   BR Diesel 37 37207 D6907 William Cookworthy Being fitted with Meteor Power Electric Powertrain to be a battery powered loco T
UKP   BR Diesel 37 37714 L26,L031,37024,D6724,Thornaby TMD Cardiff Canton P
UKP   BR Diesel 37 D6700 37350, 37119,D6700 National Railway Museum P
UKP   BR Diesel 47 1705 47117, D1705,1705 SPARROWHAWK P
UKP   BR Diesel 50 50017 50117,89417,D417 Royal Oak P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 101 50193 53193,960992,977898,R002 DMC(L), DMCL S
UKP   BR Multiple Units 101 50203 53203,960992,977897 DMBS R
UKP   BR Multiple Units 101 50266 53266 DMC(L), DMCL A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 101 50321 53321,977900 DMC(L), DMCL A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 101 51427 977899 DMBS A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 101 56342 54342,42222 DTC(L), DTCL, Originally class 144 S
UKP   BR Multiple Units 111 59575 TSBL, TSB(L), TRSBL, Originally class 165 A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 117 51396 L720 DMS P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 117 59506 TCL P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 120 59276 TSLRB S
UKP   BR Multiple Units 122 55009 DMBS A
UKP   BR Multiple Units 153 153308 For testing contracts - not classed as preserved T
UKP   BR Multiple Units 153 153371 For testing contracts - not classed as preserved T
UKP   BR Multiple Units 411 70576 S70576,7178,1589,R006 P
UKP   BR Multiple Units Derby Lightweight 79900 M79900,ADB975010 Iris DMBS H
UKP   BR Steam 2MT 78018 Borough of Darlington (name not currently carried) A
UKP   BR Steam 2MT 78019 78054 A
UKP   BR Steam 5MT 73156 Bolton Steam Locomotive Ltd A
UKP   BR Steam 7MT 70013 98713 Oliver Cromwell O
UKP   BR Steam 9F 92214 City of Leicester,Leicester City,Cock O' The North A
UKP   GWR Modified Hall 6990 6988,Swithland Hall Witherslack Hall Sometimes runs as 6988 Swithland Hall A
UKP   LMS 8F 48305 8305 A
UKP   LMS 8F 48624 8624 48624 Locomotive Company Limited O
UKP   LMS Black 5 45305 98505,5305 Alderman A E Draper O
UKP   LMS Black 5 45491 4591 R
UKP   LMS Jinty 47406 16489,7406 O
UKP   LNER A1 60163 98863 Tornado The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust T
UKP   LNER O4 63601 5102,3509,3601,102,1912,ROD 1912 ROD 1912 is a fictional number O
UKP   SR N15 777 30777, ,98577 Sir Lamiel O
UKP   SR Rebuilt WC 34039 21C139 Boscastle O
UKPCS   GWR GWR INSP (Q13) 80970 W80970W,DW80970 A
UKPCS   LMS SAL (D2046) 999503 DB999503 Arrowvale Belle A
UKPCS   LNER Beavertail 1729 E1729E,23 Restored to un-rebuilt form P
UKPCS   LNER BGP (198) 4149 2704,US2704,70361,71 Converted to WD Ambulance Coach P
UKPCS   LNER BGP (315) 4050 E70427E A
UKPCS   LNER BTK 57451 16520,11 S
UKPCS   LNER BTK 62565 320746,DE320746 S
UKPCS   LNER BZ 70654 70654E,E70654E Built at Stratford in the 1950's by BR to a Thompson Design P
UKPCS   LNER CK 32480 88030,96202E,96202,082962,E96202E Rebuilt to CCTY by BR in 1960 S
UKPCS   LNER CK 10155 1065,7781,18033,320741,DE320741 S
UKPCS   LNER GCR T 793 5793,040451 S
UKPCS   LNER GCR TO 666 5666,DE320709,320709 S
UKPCS   LNER Gresley RF 1222 651,9019,320907,DE320907,R003 S
UKPCS   LNER POS 70294 70294E,2441,E70294E Technically operational but used as a display at special events. Only one in existence with working exchange equipment D
UKPCS   LNER POT 70268 70628E,E70628E,6777 Former Pigeon Van D
UKPCS   LNER RB (167) 24080 E9116E,DE3211069,096055 R
UKPCS   LNER RB (167) 24280 E9124E R
UKPCS   LNER RB (167) 24278 E9122E A
UKPCS   LNER TTO (186) 23981 SC13279E,DE321070,096056 R
UKPCS   SR SR PMVY S1706S 1706S,S1706S PW Mess Van P
UKPCS   MKI BCK 21242 E21242,W21242 P
UKPCS   MKI BCK 21184 E21184 P
UKPCS   MKI BCK 21031 E21031,R008 R
UKPCS   MKI BCK SC21202 21202, ,ADB977107,977107 P
UKPCS   MKI BFK 14026 E14026,17026,S14026 P
UKPCS   MKI BG 81343 E81343 R
UKPCS   MKI BG 81382 S81382,84,M81382382 P
UKPCS   MKI BG 81077 92029,92929 S
UKPCS   MKI BS 43289 53081,53100,M43289,5310,S43289 P
UKPCS   MKI BSK ADB975397 35386, ,975397 Test Car 2
UKPCS   MKI BSK 34393 E34393 P
UKPCS   MKI BSK 34738 E34738,R009 S
UKPCS   MKI BSK 34999 ADB975638,975638 S
UKPCS   MKI BSK 34590 3178TLA,3178 S
UKPCS   MKI BSK 34990 97708 R
UKPCS   MKI BSO 9316 E9316 Converted for Disabled Access P
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94286 041869,E94286 Fire Van P
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94707 W91427 Tartan Arrow W91427 is a fictitious number S
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94709 041870 S
UKPCS   MKI CK 15208 S
UKPCS   MKI CK 15207 M15207,R001 S
UKPCS   MKI CK 15960 R012 P
UKPCS   MKI CK 16070 7070,E16070,R004 P
UKPCS   MKI CL 43043 E43043 P
UKPCS   MKI FK (Veranda) 13317 99303,70 Legends P
UKPCS   MKI FO 3072 977399,DB977399 Jessie-Leigh P
UKPCS   MKI FO 3079 E3079,975315,DB975315 Elizabeth-Ann P
UKPCS   MKI FO 3042 E3042 Lucy-Ann P
UKPCS   MKI FO 3126 E3126,Jessie Patricia-Eileen P
UKPCS   MKI FO 3013 E3013,ADB975653,R007 S
UKPCS   MKI FVY (801) 87932 Body Only S
UKPCS   MKI GUV 86830 93830 S
UKPCS   MKI GUV 86579 93579,E93579 P
UKPCS   MKI GUV 86709 93709,94052,M94052 P
UKPCS   MKI GUV 86168 93168,96187 S
UKPCS   MKI GUV 86448 93448,96190 S
UKPCS   MKI GUV 86949 93949,96194 S
UKPCS   MKI POS 80307 W80307 S
UKPCS   MKI POS 80301 E80301,W80301 P
UKPCS   MKI POS 80345 W80305 Richard Yeo P
UKPCS   MKI POT 80401 W80401 P
UKPCS   MKI POT 80438 25139 P
UKPCS   MKI RE 1100 NRMY95404,SC1100,95404 S
UKPCS   MKI RFO 3 ADE321047,DE321047,321047 One of earliest surviving Mk 1s. Remained as RFO in passenger service. Then modified as catering vehicle when in Departmental use. S
UKPCS   MKI RKB 1526 E1526 Kitchen Car P
UKPCS   MKI RKB 1525 NE1525,E1525 Kitchen Car P
UKPCS   MKI RU 1962 M1962,W1962 P
UKPCS   MKI SK 25312 E25312,S25312 P
UKPCS   MKI SK 25366 E25366,W25366 P
UKPCS   MKI SK 18788 25788, 1898,M25788,18788 Bar Car P
UKPCS   MKI SK 25711 E25711,W25711 P
UKPCS   MKI SK 24421 W24421 P
UKPCS   MKI SK 24778 R005 Sheeted at Rothley S
UKPCS   MKI SO 4788 E4788 P
UKPCS   MKI SO 4922 SC4922,E4922 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4630 E4630 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4857 E4857,S4857 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO E4830 4830, ,S4830 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4758 1899,SC4758 Kathleen-Mary P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 5007 S5007 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4982 E4982,W4982 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4948 E4948,W4948 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4662 E4662 P
UKPCS   MKI TSO 5008 99002 Will be on loan to Gwili Railway for the next year or so. P
UKPCS   MKII BFK 2a 17064 14064 no longer NR registered S
UKPCS   MKIII SLEP 10558 For use by volunteer footplate staff at Loughborough S
UKPCS   MKIII TRFB 40704 40304 P
UKIN   Steam Hunslet 3809 68067,18 NCB East Fife Area No 18 0-6-0ST currently carrying 18 (not to be confused with 1752 which is currently carrying 68067) P
UKIN   Steam Robert Stephenson (and Hawthorn) 7684 2,4 Meaford No.2, Nechells No 4 0-6-0T O
UKIN   Steam Sentinel 9370 1,2 No 1 Neepsend 2 0-4-0 VBGT S
UKIN   Internal Combustion Fowler 4210079 D4279 Arthur Wright 0-4-0DM S
UKMISC   Flywheel/Battery Electric Railcar Revolution VLR Revolution VLR Test Vehicle Demonstrator T
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Cowans Sheldon 86 C86,DB967159,ADRC96709 75t 8w (ex-steam) Diesel Hydraulic Crane P
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Joseph Booth 6043 DRA81549,81549,349 DB349 15t 8w Diesel Hydraulic Crane S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Ransome and Rapier Ltd E8137/8 17, ,ADW17,RS1097/45,ADRR95208 45t 8w Steam Driven Breakdown Crane P
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Thomas Smith and Sons 11100 Chassis Only S
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Bance 002 2 2w-2PMR P
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Bance 037 3 2w-2PMR P
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Bance 104 2w-2BER P
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Geismar M44/155 2w-2PMR P
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Geismar M44/161 2w-2PMR P
UKMISC   Brake Tender Brake Tender B964122 15205,M15205 Former MKI converted to Bogie Brake Tender P

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