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    UKMISC: New-build Locomotives: New-build Steam Locos

    Steam loco

    New Build Steam Locomotives

    Newly constructed locomotives from classes that have disappeared from existence, some of these have yet to be fully completed, some are merely a set of frames and have been included for the sake of completeness. These are created as new members of their classes (and have a previously unallocated number) rather than a duplicate of an original member that has been scrapped.

    Length Varies
    Width Varies
    Height Varies

    LNWR Bloomer 670 under construction at Tyseley

    Photo: Dan Cardwell

    Number Altnumber Name Status Note Livery Depot Pool Location Base Owner
    1014 County of Glamorgan C DI Didcot Railway Centre PRE UKP/County (Hawksworth)
    1759 7306   67306   C North Eastern Railway class O (LNER class G5) PR Hackworth Industrial Park, Shildon PRE
    2007 C P2 Steam Locomotive Company PR Darlington Locomotive Works Hopetown Darlington PRE UKP/P2
    2013 Prince George C LNWR George the Fifth PR Locomotive Services, Crewe PRE
    2999 4942   Lady Of Legend A The Saint Project GRN DI MBSL Didcot Railway Centre PRE UKP/Saint
    32424 Beachy Head C PR Bluebell Railway PRE UKP/H2
    3840 County of Montgomery C PR Tyseley Locomotive Works PRE UKP/County (Churchward)
    4709 Night Owl C New Build TM Tyseley Locomotive Works PRE UKP/4700
    60163 98863   Tornado T The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust LNER Green BH MBSL Great Central Railway PRE UKP/A1{lner}
    61673 Spirit of Sandringham C New Build CTL Seal, Sheffield UKP/B17
    670 C LNWR Bloomer 2-2-2 GRN PR Tyseley Locomotive Works PRE
    72010 Hengist C Standard Steam Locomotive Company Limited GRN PR CTL Seal, Sheffield PRE UKP/6MT
    82045 C 82045 Locomotive Trust GRN PR Severn Valley Railway PRE UKP/3MT
    84030 X Being converted to 84030 Bluebell Railway
    84030 78059   C Conversion from 78059 Bluebell Railway UKP/2MT (Tank)
    9351 5193   A GRN PR West Somerset Railway PRE UKP/4300