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SpotLog respects other people's copyright.  We do not copy data from other sources without permission.

There are several other websites, applications and programs that have lists of railway stock, but their terms and conditions do not allow us to copy data from these sites.  We respect these conditions and do not copy data from such sites.  We sometimes use these sites to check or verify data from elsewhere.

There are other sites that have given us permission to use data from their sites.  For example the ABRail database and we are grateful for Tony for permission to use his data.

Note to editors

Please ensure you have the permission of the copyright owner before adding data or photos to the SpotLog LocoLists.

If in doubt, please ask via the forums or

Using SpotLog data

You are welcome to re-use SpotLog data for personal, non-commercial uses. 

Data is available in XML and RSS feeds: if you need another format, please get in touch.

If you do use SpotLog data, we would appreciate knowing - as much as anything to keep track of where the data is and to avoid self-referential loops.

Also, if you are using SpotLog / LocoList data, then we'd appreciate a link, please use on the images below and link to Thanks.

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