Checking LocoList Data

When a LocoList entry is updated, the entry is marked for checking by other editors: this is intended to improve the data quality and catch errors and typos as soon as possible.

Editors will see an alert on the LocoList main page and set pages to notify them that there are items requiring checking.

Items for Checking alert

If you are a LocoList editor, and there are items waiting for you to check, you will see an alert on the LocoList page:

  • Click on the alert to go to the checking page
  • You are not asked to check items if you were the last person to edit the item.

The Checking Screen

The checking screen shows items waiting for check in a grid view. The grid is similar to the Edit locos view.

  • Click in a grid cell to edit the row: then click edit to commit any changes to the database and mark the row as checked
  • Click on the Set/Class code on the left to go to the class page for the item
  • To mark an item as checked and OK, click on the row to go into edit mode, then press enter to commit
  • Click the "OK All" button to mark all the displayed items as OK checked and go to the next page of the grid.




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