Aln Valley Railway

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   BR Diesel 11 12088 01564 Shirley When re-registered for national network was allocated 01564 R
UKP   BR Diesel Misc. Shunters No.3 8199,3 Drax, Aberthaw** Industrial loco built to similar design to BR class 04 P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 144 144016 P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 144 144004 P
UKP   WD WD 0-6-0 75015 48,2864 S
UKPCS   LMS LMS BG 31407 XDB977037,XDB31407 A
UKPCS   LNER NER SPEC 41 900269,241,DE900269E
UKPCS   LNER NER TOZ 2688 22688 Body only as platform office/waiting room S
UKPCS   MKI BSK 35362 NYMR 99950,99950 P
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94606 W92524 W92524 is a fictitious number S
UKPCS   MKI SK 18020 25020 P
UKPCS   MKI SK 18032 25032 P
UKPCS   MKI SK 18631 25631 P
UKPCS   MKI SK 24576 DB977189 P
UKPCS   MKII BSK 35506 14122,17122 P
UKIN   Steam Hawthorn 3799 Penicuik 0-4-0ST R
UKIN   Steam Hudswell Clarke 1243 9 Richboro 0-6-0T P
UKIN   Steam Hudswell Clarke 1366 6,116,76 Renishaw Ironworks No6 0-6-0ST O
UKIN   Steam Hudswell Clarke 1731 20 No 20 Jennifer, Samuel Fox & Co Ltd 0-6-0T P
UKIN   Steam Hunslet 3686 60 NCB No 60 0-6-0ST P
UKIN   Steam Peckett 1967 Merlin (Myrddin) 0-4-0ST W6-S P
UKIN   Internal Combustion Andrew Barclay 615 6719,20,110,711 20/110/711 P
UKIN   Internal Combustion Ruston Hornsby 424839 0-4-0DE S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Coles 23561 D361 4w Diesel Crane S
UKMISC   Small On-Track Plant Permaquip BP020 74014,54303
UKMISC   Small On-Track Plant Permaquip BP026 74019,RD2001,74096 Tamper
UKMISC   Small On-Track Plant Permaquip Q125 56084,HTJ3108
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Wickham Type 27 10648 DB965952,DX68008 Buzz 2w-2PMR
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Wickham Trailers 4985 B170W PWM 2807 2w-2PMR S
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Miscellaneous Trolleys 9959 Permanent Way Equipment co 4w trolley P

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