Getting Started

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SpotLog has three main pages:  Notepad, Book and Log.

The Notepad is where you enter the numbers of trains seen:

The Book is the reference section of loco's organised into classes and datasets:

The Log is your log of numbers spotted:


When you first start SpotLog, the Book and the Log will be empty.

Download a Dataset

The first thing you need to do is download a dataset

Note, you can choose a different dataset, but be aware some sets, particularly the German Mainline set and the France set are large and will take a long time to fully download.

You can find more about downloading datasets on the sets page.

View the Book

Once the dataset download is complete, go to the Book tab.

You can find more about the book on the book page.

Enter some numbers

The Notepad is where you enter numbers.

Other things you can do on the notepad

You can find more about the functions of the notepad on the notepad page.

Try adding some more records on the notepad.

The Log

The Log is your record of trains seen.

You can find more about the log on the log page.

Records in the Book

If you return to the book you can see your records in the book as well.

On the set view, SpotLog shows the number of class members seen out of the total in the class:

In this view SpotLog shows 4 out of 194 class 43 (HST) marked as seen

A Green bar shows progress.

Tap into the class and SpotLog marks the class members seen:

Next Steps