Steam - Museum of the GWR - Swindon

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   GWR 4200 4248 D
UKP   GWR 9400 9400 D
UKP   GWR Castle 4073 Caerphilly Castle D
UKP   GWR City 3440 98240,3717 City of Truro A
UKP   GWR Dean Goods 2516 D
UKP   GWR King 6000 98800 King George V D
UKP   GWR Manor 7821 Ditcheat Manor A
UKP   GWR Star 4003 Lode Star D
UKPCS   GWR GWR RB (H41) 9631 W9631W D
UKPCS   GWR SAL (G4) 233 8233,9002 Body fixed to shortened u/f BR BSK 34626 D
UKMISC   Replica Locomotives Replica Broad Gauge Steam Locomotives North Star North Star 2-2-2 D
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Wickham Type 4 8505 A38W 2w-2PMR P

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