Bodmin & Wenford Railway

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   BR Diesel 08 08444 D3559 P
UKP   BR Diesel 10 D3452 S
UKP   BR Diesel 10 D3489 Colonel Tomline P
UKP   BR Diesel 37 37142 D6842 P
UKP   BR Diesel 47 47306 D1787 The Sapper P
UKP   BR Diesel 50 50042 89443,D442 Triumph Bodmin Heritage Diesels P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 121 121020 977722,55020,960002,L120 DMBS P
UKP   GWR 4500 5552 O
UKP   GWR 4500 5553 A
UKP   GWR 5700 4612 A
UKP   GWR 6400 6412 A
UKP   GWR 6400 6435 Ajax S
UKP   SR 0298 Beattie Well Tank 30587 E0298,3298,0298 A
UKP   WD WD 0-6-0 75178 2766 0-6-0ST A
UKPCS   GWR Autotrailer (A38) 232 W232W Claire A
UKPCS   GWR GWR SAL (G2) 248 9044 DW80973 A
UKPCS   SR SR B 392 S392,061054 S
UKPCS   SR SR PMVY S1855 1855 A
UKPCS   MKI BG 80702 W80702 ST PINNOCK Forms part of dining set A
UKPCS   MKI BSK 34620 DB975289,975289 Underframe only. Used as wagon. S
UKPCS   MKI BSK W35130 35130 Converted to an Accessible Coach A
UKPCS   MKI BSO 9214 DB975033 PW Support Coach A
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94257 DB977355,061077 Stores Van S
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94732 DB977204,061065 Stores Van S
UKPCS   MKI RMB 1873 S1873 A
UKPCS   MKI SK 18560 25560,W18560 S
UKPCS   MKI SK W25807 18807, 25807,DB977420 A
UKPCS   MKI SO W4789 4789 St Petroc Forms part of dining set A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 3960 M3960 R
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4037 65,S4037 K&ESR No. 65 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4656 M4656 A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4963 W4963 A
UKPCS   MKIII SLEP 10618 W10618 Volunteer Accomodation S
UKIN   Steam Bagnall 2572 Judy 0-4-0ST P
UKIN   Steam Bagnall 2962 19 0-4-0ST S
UKIN   Steam Bagnall 3058 Alfred 0-4-0ST D
UKIN   Speciality Steam Locomotives Bagnall 3121 P

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