Updating SpotLog to v5 open Beta

Please read the following conditions for the v5 open beta

  • The v5 open beta is only available on Android at the moment
  • Support for the v5 beta is only available via the SpotLog forum (the beta forum) - no support will be provided by direct email: please use the forum.
  • You must backup your data before installing the v5 beta: please export your data and/or sync your data to the SpotLog sync server before installing the beta.  Backup your data and make sure you have copied the backup to a safe place before installing the beta.  See How to backup SpotLog

  • You are responsible for backing up your data before updating to the v5 beta: if data is lost in the update, we cannot help you unless you have a complete backup.

  • If you use the SpotLog sync service - you should also make a note of your syncid

Please note that when the v5 app is installed, the database is upgraded - this can take some time to complete the upgrade and to download all the data sets - please allow plenty of time for the upgrade to complete, and ensure the phone and app stay on during the upgrade.  Example, I have 11568 records in my SpotLog log, upgrading the database to v5 takes 5 minutes and then downloading the book data takes further time (depending on how many book sets you have downloaded).  Your mileage may vary.


Upgrading SpotLog database for v5


Tour of SpotLog v5


IMPORTANT: the current beta DOES NOT work on Android v5


Installing the v5 Open Beta

To get the open beta, go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/info.rail3d.spotlog



Please post feedback to the Beta Forum

All feedback is appreciated - especially if you can let us know you have downloaded the beta and it is working fine.


see https://spotlog.org/spotlogv5/start for further information about v5.