Vale of Berkeley Railway

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   LMS Misc. Diesel Shunters 7069 18,3841 D3/6 0-6-0 DE P
UKP   WD WD 0-6-0 71529 15,2183 Earl David O
UKPCS   GWR PMVG (O33) 2943 W2943W,CDB975841 S
UKPCS   LMS BGZ (2000) 32990
UKPCS   LMS TO (1692) 16696
UKPCS   MKI CCTY 94109 041838 P
UKPCS   MKI POT 80434 25119 P
UKIN   Speciality Steam Locomotives Andrew Barclay 2126 Central Electricity Generating Board D
UKIN   Internal Combustion FC Hibberd and Co Ltd 3947 Planet, Pluto 4wDM
UKIN   Internal Combustion Ruston Hornsby 210479 4wDM P
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Geismar ST/04/08 2w-2PMR P
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Wickham Type 8 4165 156W,TR12 PWM 2188 2w-2PMR

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