SpotLog Privacy Policy


The SpotLog App

As part of its operation the app needs to connect to the SpotLog server ( to download data and data updates, this connection is secured (over https/SSL).  A small amount of logging data is recorded by the server during this connection (see below).

The SpotLog app connects to the SpotLog server when the app starts and when it downloads data sets.  During this connection, the app passes the following data to the server, and this is logged on the server:

  • App version
  • App ID (a unique identifier for each app installation)

In addition the Android version of SpotLog also logs:

  • Device type and OS version

This information is used to analyse and understand how the app is used, in order to guide future app development.

None of this information is ever shared with any third parties.

If you use the SpotLog sync service, your data may include personal information: see below.

Data is encrypted and transferred over SSL connections.


The SpotLog website

Personal Information

The only personal information recorded on the website is your username and password, these are stored securely on the server.  The password is encrypted and is not available to the site developer/admin.

If you post personal information in a SpotLog forum post, this information will be public: you publish such information as your own responsibility.

Your Logon

If you logon using other services (eg Facebook, Google or Microsoft logons), you should be aware that this exposes your activity on this site to those services, thus these services may be tracking your use of the SpotLog site for advertising or marketing purposes.


Further information:

The SpotLog site creates some essential cookies on your computer such as logon cookies.  

Google Analytics

The SpotLog web site uses Google Analytics to track user activity and understand how the website is used.

SpotLog Sync service

The SpotLog sync service uploads your spotting records to the server, these records may include time and location where you spotted a loco.

The information transferred by the sync service is transferred over a secure SSL connection and is never shared with any third party.