Railworld Wildlife Haven

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   BR Diesel 43 43045 The Grammar School Doncaster P
UKP   BR Diesel 43 43060 County of Leicestershire** P
UKPCS   LMS CCTY 37066 Personnel doors cut into each end and other alterations made for James Bond film 'Octopussy' S
UKPCS   LMS LNWR CCT 12221 4208,36993,DM395361,395361 S
UKMISC   Imported Steam Imported Steam 996 415 Danish 4-6-2 S
UKMISC   Tracked Hovercraft Tracked Hovercraft RTV31 Tracked Hovercraft D
UKMISC   Magnetic Levitation MagLev Birmingham Carriage 1 1 D

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