Hollycombe Steam Collection

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKIN   Steam Hawthorn 2450 50 Newcastle, Commander B 0-4-0ST S
UKMISC   Metre Gauge Plus Diesels Metre Gauge and Larger Diesels ND 3646 3646,210961 4wDM P
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Grafton and Co 2953 4w Steam Driven Crane S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Other Rail Cranes Unknown Hollycombe 4w Hand Worked Yard Crane S
UKNG   Hunslet Dinorwic Mills 38 Jerry M Dinorwic
UKNG   Misc Aveling and Porter Excelsior 3ft gauge, 2-2-0WT
UKNG   Misc Barclay 1 70n Caledonia
UKNG   Misc Orenstein and Koppel 2 Coco 2ft Gauge O&K 0-4-0WT

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