Big Pit National Coal Museum

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKIN   Steam Andrew Barclay 1680 5 Nora No 5 0-4-0ST S
UKIN   Steam Hudswell Clarke 544 10 P.D. No 10 0-6-0ST P
UKIN   Internal Combustion Hunslet 7307 40 0-6-0DH
UKIN   Internal Combustion Hunslet 6684 44 0-6-0DH S
UKIN   Internal Combustion Thomas Hill 249V 47 0-6-0DH D
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Taylor and Hubbard 1766 583,BC227 4w Steam Driven Vertical Boiler Crane S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Thomas Smith and Sons 11108 N1,22565 2t 4w Steam Driven Crane (underframe only) S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Other Rail Cranes DRG 48401 Willets 6t 4w Hand Worked Yard Crane D

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