Beamish Museum

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKIN   Steam Head Wrightson 1 Coffeepot 0-4-0VBT P
UKIN   Steam Head Wrightson 21 16 Seaham Harbour No 16 0-4-0VBT D
UKIN   Steam Head Wrightson 33 17 Seaham Harbour No 17 0-4-0VBT D
UKIN   Steam Manning Wardle 254 Newcastle 0-6-0ST dismantled S
UKIN   Steam Manning Wardle 1532 11,13 Newcastle 0-6-0ST S
UKIN   Steam South Durham 1900 4,5 Malleable No 5 0-4-0ST D
UKIN   Steam Stephen Lewin 683 18 no 18 0-4-0WT converted from a well tank, restored to as-built in 1977 P
UKIN   Steam Crane Tanks Black Hawthorn 897 1 E no 1 2-4-0 Crane Tank S
UKIN   Steam Crane Tanks Robert Stephenson (and Hawthorn) 7006 15 Roker 0-4-0 Crane Tank D
UKIN   Electric/Battery Siemens 455 E2 4wWE D
UKMISC   Replica Locomotives Replica Steam Locomotives Steam Elephant (replica) Steam Elephant 0-6-0 O
UKMISC   Replica Locomotives Replica Steam Locomotives Puffing Billy (replica) 71 Puffing Billy 0-4-0 P
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Coles 796 1t 4w Vertical Boiler Steam Driven Crane D
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Thomas Smith and Sons 8371 91554,A7858 4w Steam Driven Crane S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Other Rail Cranes Unknown Ward T Ward 4t 4w Hand Worked Yard Crane S
UKNG   Hunslet Penrhyn Large Quarry Edward Sholto Edward Sholto Penrhyn Quarry
UKTR   Blackpool Heritage 31 P
UKPTR   Blackpool Corporation Tramways Works 749 Tower Wagon
UKPTR   Gateshead Gateshead 51
UKPTR   Gateshead Gateshead 52
UKPTR   Gateshead and District Gateshead and District 10 Enclosed Single Decker
UKPTR   Grimsby and Immingham Light Railway Grimsby and Immingham Light Railway 10 26
UKPTR   Newcastle and Gosforth Newcastle and Gosforth 49
UKPTR   Newcastle Corporation Tramways Newcastle Corporation Tramways 114 Open-top electric car
UKPTR   Sheffield Corporation Sheffield Corporation 264
UKPTR   Sunderland Sunderland 16
UKPTR   Non UK Trams Lisbon 730 P
UKPTR   Non UK Trams Oporto 196
UKPTR   Non UK Trams Oporto 65 Coal transporter

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