Barry Tourist Railway

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   BR Diesel 08 08503 D3658 Barry Island Railway for hire contract.
UKP   BR Electric 73 73118 E6024 Mary Rose**, The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway S
UKP   GWR 4500 5539 R
UKP   GWR 5101 4115 for use with 4700 project S
UKP   London Underground D Stock 7043 P
UKP   London Underground D Stock 7502 P
UKPCS   GWR GWR BTK (D46) 2360 W2360W,DW139 S
UKPCS   GWR GWR FVY (S8) 2617 W2617W,DW150267 S
UKPCS   MKII TSO 2F 6108 72621 P
UKPCS   MKII TSO 2F 6140 72620 P
UKIN   Steam Sentinel 9537 7 Susan, No 7 0-4-0 VBGT P
UKMISC   Road/Railer Bruff 14201 F621 PWP Renault 4wDM P
UKMISC   Road/Railer Converted Road Vehicles 68906 F591 RWP Mercedes 4wDM
UKMISC   Road/Railer Unilok 2183 4wDM

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