Swindon and Cricklade Railway

Class Number Alt Number Name Notes Status
UKP   BR Diesel 03 03022 2022,D2022,11209 S
UKP   BR Diesel 03 D2152 D2152 P
UKP   BR Diesel 08 D3261 13261 P
UKP   BR Diesel Misc. Shunters PWM651 97651, ,431758 97/6 P
UKP   BR Diesel Railcars AC 79978 S
UKP   BR Electric 73 73003 E6003 Sir Herbert Walker P
UKP   BR Multiple Units 117 59514 TCL R
UKP   BR Multiple Units 119 51074 DMBC R
UKP   BR Multiple Units 119 51104 53104 DMSL R
UKP   BR Multiple Units 205 60822 1123,205023 R
UKP   BR Multiple Units 205 60669 1124,205024 S
UKP   GWR 5600 5637 P
UKP   GWR 5600 6695 O
UKP   SR MN 35011 21C11 General Steam Navigation work in progress to restore to unrebuilt condition with air smoothed casing etc R
UKPCS   GWR Cambrian 6W Composite 110 Body Only
UKPCS   GWR Cambrian 6W Full Brake 104 Body only
UKPCS   GWR GWR BCK (E83) 7545 KDW7545,079076 R
UKPCS   GWR PMVG (O22) 1199 DW150322 S
UKPCS   GWR PMVG (O62) 1047 W1047W Underframe Only S
UKPCS   GWR PMVY (Y14) 3462 W3462W,ADB975265 Underframe only fixed to body of TVR CY No.73 A
UKPCS   GWR PMVY (Y14) 3448 W3448W,ADB975556,041486 Underframe Only, for use with vintage carriage S
UKPCS   GWR PMVY (Y9) 2851 W2851W,W150309,W5521 Panelling destroyed by fire, awaiting restoration. W5521 fictitious S
UKPCS   GWR Taff Vale Composite 6457
UKPCS   GWR TK (C32) 3898 W3898W,9884 Awaiting Repair/Restoration S
UKPCS   LMS NLR Compartment First 111 Body only
UKPCS   MKI BG M80580 80580
UKPCS   MKI BSK W34540 34540
UKPCS   MKI BSK E35043 35043
UKPCS   MKI CCTY M94817 94817
UKPCS   MKI FK 13233 P
UKPCS   MKI FK 13233 W13233
UKPCS   MKI FK 13303 P
UKPCS   MKI FK 13303
UKPCS   MKI RKB 1569 Moonraker
UKPCS   MKI SK 18869 25869 P
UKPCS   MKI SO S4824 4824 Open Second (48 seats) (1959) A
UKPCS   MKI TSO 4598 ZDB975403
UKPCS   Imported (Norwegian) NSB BSK 412
UKPCS   Imported (Norwegian) NSB SAL 645
UKDPT   Track Machines MPV DR98504 98504 P&T TASC P
UKDPT   Track Machines Tampers DR73216 P&T 07-16 Tamper/Liner
UKDPT   Cranes PT 12 Tonne DRP81522 5520, DB969019,DRP81522 12t Bogie Diesel Hydraulic Crane P
UKIN   Steam Andrew Barclay 2157 8 Fambridge - ROF No 8 0-4-0ST O
UKIN   Steam Andrew Barclay 2354 Richard Trevithick 0-4-0ST O
UKIN   Steam Hudswell Clarke 1464 70 MSC No 70 0-6-0T O
UKIN   Steam Kerr Stuart 3063 D429 Willy 0-4-0WT P
UKIN   Internal Combustion Fowler 7342 0-4-0DM P
UKIN   Internal Combustion Fowler 21442 Woodbine 0-4-0DM
UKIN   Internal Combustion Fowler 4210137 2 SBL2 0-4-0DM
UKIN   Internal Combustion Fowler 4220031 Blunsdon 0-4-0DH
UKIN   Internal Combustion Fowler 4240015 0-6-0DH P
UKMISC   Imported Steam Imported Steam 3135 Spartan Polish Fablok 0-6-0T S
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Grafton and Co 2628 7t 4w Vertical Boiler Steam Driven Crane
UKMISC   Rail Cranes Thomas Smith and Sons 16641 1,18641 4w Rebuilt (former steam crane) with an Ex-Road HIAB Crane S
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Wickham Type 27 7508 68009 PWM 4035 2w-2PMR P
UKMISC   Personnel / Equipment Trolleys Wickham Type 27 8089 9031 2w-2PMR P

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